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Windscreen Repair


Is your windscreen chip less than a pound coin? Is it out of the drivers wiper sweep? Are there no spider’s legs off the chip? Then your screen may be suitable for repair rather than replacement. With some insurance companies it is free! Check with your insurance company and make an appointment, we can carry out the repair whilst you wait any weekday morning.

The resin injected into the glass stabilizes the chip making sure the damage is contained and the windscreen is as structurally sound as a new screen. The quicker after the damage you get it repaired the more likely it is to be successful so hurry up before the chip runs and we have to change the screen!

Limits to the repair - 

  • If a windscreen chip we work on becomes a crack during our attempted repair, you will need a replacement windscreen. In that case you will have to pay any additional excess due for a replacement.

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