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Glass Replacement


Help, my glass is broken!
Contact us and we will start the process of replacing the broken glass. Sometimes we will need to see the car to identify the exact piece of glass, either way we could have the glass on the next order and sometimes fitted within the week.

If you want us to make your car waterproof then bring it up and we’ll happily vacuum the shattered glass and temporarily cover the hole.


Why Us?
We are the main automotive glass repair and replacement service on the island, we guarantee the workmanship of our work for the life of the vehicle and we order glass up to 3 times per week so we can get you back on the road as soon as possible.


How much will I pay?
If you are fully comprehensively insured
You will only have to pay your glass excess (your no claims discount is usually not affected) normally between £50 and £100 for glass replacement

Prefer to pay cash or not insured?
We offer competitive prices for our work, again please just call for a quote. We’re also available to trade customers for your complete automotive glass requirements.


How long will it take?
We need your car for approximately half a day, ideally dropping your vehicle off on a weekday for 8.30am with the vehicle ready for around 3pm. If you really need your vehicle for work we might be able to do it quicker, just tell us when we book your appointment. We also have loan cars available at a small cost to cover our insurance and some fuel.

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