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07911 710533

Unwanted Vehicle Removal

Taking away your old vehicles

There are 3 methods to take away your old and unwanted vehicles depending on how long you want to wait and how much paperwork you have:

Option 1: Just take away my car now - £50

If you have a car registered in your name and need it gone immediately then this is for you. Just sign the back of the logbook and add your Guernsey driving licence number, we can then remove your car straight away*.

Option 2: As cheap as possible - £30

You will need to apply online for the vehicle bulk refuse form here. When applying check option 1B, you will then be posted the scrap form, when this arrives give us a call and we can take the vehicle to be recycled. 

Please make sure you check option 1B, if you check option 2 your vehicle will be taken away by skip lorry but you won't have a choice of the time or day. 

Give us a call on 07911710533 to talk about it.

* - price includes transfer of ownership into La Villette Garage, application of bulk refuse form and storage of the vehicle until form is available. 

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