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07911 710533

Recovery and Transport Solutions


We are the newest recovery truck in Guernsey, whether it be recovering your vehicle to your home or a garage of your choice, repairing your car and bringing it back to you, moving a piece of equipment or removal of scrap vehicles we are able to help.

Give us a call on 07911710533 to talk about it.

Meet our Driver...

Chris has lots of experience with recovery having worked for other companies in the past, in fact he can be seen at most motor racing events ready to rescue any poor cars that don't make the finish line. He also has experience driving long vehicles around having recently been a bus driver. The mobile number goes straight through to him so feel free to give him a call and discuss your requirements.

Back up team...

As part of La Villette Garage, Chris has lots of help to call on. Even if you don't want your vehicle taken to LVG it's nice to know that there's a mechanic on the end of the phone if your car does something strange.

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